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Saturday December 26 2015: Film Screening “La Commune”

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Benjamin conti

Sa – 26/12/15
15 – 22 Uhr in LAIDAK (Boddinstrasse 42)

La Commune (Paris, 1871) (France, 2000, 345 mins)
Director: Peter Watkins
[Language: French; Subtitles: English]

“What is the Commune, that sphinx so tantalising to the bourgeois mind?” [Karl Marx, The Civil War in France]

While the Paris Commune may need little introduction, director Peter Watkins remains far from a household name. Arguably the most original creative force to emerge from the English New Left – Peter Watkins – whose uncompromising iconoclastic approach to film led him to live and work largely outside the UK, has produced a range of highly politicised psychologically explorative films centred on fictionalised historical or near future moments of social conflict. Blurring the boundaries between documentary and direction Watkins has pioneered experimental approaches to film that enable often untrained actors to heavily improvise within carefully orchestrated immersive frameworks. Filmed as a ‘fictional newsreel’ over 13…

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Ότι και να πω θα είναι ψέμα....

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